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Welcome back everyone and a Happy New Year! Hoping you all had a lovely time over the Christmas break and treated yourself to lots of mince pies and hot chocolates.

Today's review is a first impression which I didn't see myself doing until a few weeks ago. I will be honest with you all, I never thought to try any of Tanya Burr's Cosmetics before as I always feel that I'm going to be disappointed when I see bloggers/ vloggers put there names on products.

When I decided to purchase her newest advent calendar last month I found myself eating my words and changing my opinion completely though. Always having enjoyed watching Tanya's vlogs and following her on social media, I'm so pleased to say that she really has given us products she can be proud of.

Firstly I want to share with you the two eye shimmer pots called 'let is snow' and midnight magic'. These eyeshadows are officially a glitter addicts best friend, and this is coming from someone who is picky and very rarely likes the products she buys!

I've tried so many glitter eyeshadows in the past year, and I can only find one other brand that does it better than these (which will come as no surprise being Stila Cosmetics - forever going to love this brand!).

A few of the other products I just had to try from this selection was the glitter liners in 'silver' and 'gold'. I found them to work well, although my first few attempts were disastrous. Some tips on not making the same mistakes with these:

- They need 2-3 applications to get the full line across your eye. Perhaps using a coloured eyeliner underneath help enhance the colour in them.

- Once you have applied the glitter liner, be patient for them to dry fully, as when you go to apply your mascara it will make your lashes wet and go everywhere!

All in all those I do really love these glitter liners and I have been using them loads over the Christmas period. They give such a nice finishing touch to your makeup once you get into the knack of using them.

The lip glosses I've only tried for short periods at a time, although I found the colours 'pink fondant', 'berry fudge' and 'ice queen' to act more like glossy lipsticks rather than lip glosses. They're really pigmented which is a must, although I would recommend using a lip liner as they do like to move around after being applied.

I personally dislike uses lip gloss as I find them to be sticky, your lips get stuck to your hair as soon as you leave the house, and kissing becomes a hot mess.

The nail polishes are the only products I'm yet to try from Tanya Burr. The packaging for 'festive red', 'pink caramel' and glitter frosting' look absolutely gorgeous (I write this as I'm listening to gorgeous by Taylor Swift), you can see for yourself above though.

Overall I highly recommend purchasing the shimmer pots by Tanya Burr Cosmetics, you can thank me later!



  1. These all sound lovely! I also struggle with lip gloss ! I wish she would make her collection available across the pond! I loved reading this xx

  2. Ooo I've never really tried anything from Tanya Burr, I have her eyebrow palette but I've never used it. I should definitely get some more of her stuff though if you think its really good. I might invest in her advent calendar if she brings one out this year too xx

  3. The glitter liners sounds amazing, I hadn't heard of them before but I really want to check them out now!

  4. I've tried a few eyeshadows from TB, I had a quad a few years ago. I always find her calendars look to be good value for money. Those glitter liners sound fab, I am loving glitter atm!

    Dena | The Dena Edit | Bloglovin xo

  5. I have seen Tanya Burr's range before but never tried it. The packaging looks quite nice! I don't use lip gloss. i might give the range a go! xx corinne

  6. These nail polishes look like a lot of fun.

  7. I've never tried Tanya Burr makeup before as like you I am a little sceptical of the quality of blogger makeup. However, those glitter pots look lovely and I do love a bit of sparkle even though Christmas is over I'd definitely wear those all year round. x

  8. Glad to hear you weren't disappointed with the products! I love glitter but I don't go anywhere to warrant wearing it on my face, unfortunately! I absolutely adore that red nail polish shade and the glitter polish, too. The packaging on those looks really smart.


  9. Looks like you have a fab amount! I've never tried any to be honest but everyone always gives this brand an amazing review. The glitter liners are right up my street!

    Jordanne || Thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk

  10. I've never actually used any Tanya Burr before! I must try the shimmer pots, they're so affordable too! x


  11. I have been really impressed with every Tanya Burr product I've tried! Really want to try some of her eyeshadows, the shimmer pots sound great too! x

  12. LOVE this!!! She has some really great products 💜

  13. Hi, i have not heard of this brand before, I’m loving the glitter perfect for parties.

  14. I quite like Tanya Burr, she seems very likeable in her vlogs. I’ve never tried any of her products but would definitely give them a go. I love the packaging and the shimmer pots sound great! Thanks for sharing! <3 xx

    Bexa | www.hellobexa.com

  15. I've never tried anything from Tanya Burr but it sounds great for the price! Not sure if I've got the patience to wait for it to fully dry though 😂 x


  16. I love anything glittery so shimmer pots are a must for me! NYX have pretty great glitter pots, too!
    Great review, I love your honesty with it and it makes me want to go out and try them! xo

    // thattraceyfayegirl.com //

  17. I love glittery things so I'm happy they're good! Thanks for sharing xx

  18. Ooh I love me some glitter! Rarely get the opportunity to glitz up these days though - perils of being a working mum!

  19. I’ve never been into beauty products as have never considered looking after myself - sad, I know but I’ve just set myself a goal that I’ll practice self care and pamper myself but obviously I don’t know where to start! So this post has been helpful as I’m always questioning whatever I buy.

  20. How have I just discovered your blog? It's gorgeous girl!! Also, your images on this post are flawless! I'm not much of a glittery makeup person, but I might just have to give these a try :)

  21. The shimmer pots sound amazing! I've never tried anything from this range either mainly as you have to order it online in the US. this post does make me want to look into it again though! your pictures are so nice x Brynn


  22. I keep meaning to try some of her products as I've heard so many people raving about them! Think I'll definitely have to put an order in now :) x


  23. I LOVE Stila as well! Thanks for the reviews. I’d like to know your thoughts on the nail polish xo

  24. I've never tried Tanya's products before, I always wondered what they are like as I've heard so many people say such good things so I've been meaning to try it out myself. Will have to have a look at the eyeshadows - who doesn't love a bit of glitter :D


  25. These look great, especially for parties. I haven't tried this range as of yet but will certainly keep an eye out. I am the same with lipgloss, not really a lipstick girl either, am all about the eyes :-)

    Stacey | SimplyStacey.co.uk

  26. I would love to try Tanya Burr cosmetics, but it's not available in the US! I need those lip glosses in my life

    Hannah the Mad Dog

  27. I'm not familiar with her line and I'm guessing they probably aren't available in Oz but yes to those nail polishes. Even for just the packaging hehehe!


  28. I've always been pleasantly surprised with her makeup range - good quality!

    Sincerely, Sarah xx

  29. I am a glitter addict, the glitter eyeshadows sound lush! Although I might take on your recommendation of Stila cosmetics tbh. I've never thought to try Tanya Burr cosmetics for the same reason as you really, so I too am pleasantly surprised! Thanks for sharing an honest review!

    Yasmin x
    The Sweet Seven Five


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